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How to Get Shit Done Like a Super Mom

Episode Summary

Becoming a mom is usually surrounded with joy, right?  But it's also easy to use your motherhood as justification for putting all of your life goals and dreams on the back burner. You tell yourself that you're just going to spend these few years with your little one and then eventually you'll go back to work and eventually you'll resume your "normal" life, right? You'll get back to the gym, catch up on your scrapbooks, read all those books. You'll go back to college or grad school or get a new certification, maybe start a new business. You know... all those things, all those goals and dreams that you had before you became a mother. You tell yourself to just live in the moment, enjoy your kiddos, and someday you will have the opportunity to bring back those goals. While all of those thoughts are true, what I have found after being a mother for a decade is that the right time to get yourself back on track for your goals never comes.

Episode Notes

There Is No "Right" Time to Follow Your Dreams

I know. It's kind of a sad reality check right there to hear that, but it's the truth. There's always going to be another reason why your goals are going to need to take the backseat.

There's going to be another baby (that happened to me - our third baby was a total surprise). There's going to be toddlerhood, you're going to have a spirited child, one of your children will be more difficult than the other. There's going to be sports when they get older. There's gonna be childhood activities. That activity list gets so long, even when we say no to everything. We're spending a lot of time traveling, doing things, paying for things, buying her the right outfit for the things, making sure clothes fit... (oh my gosh, don't even get me started on shopping for three girls).

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